Sri Lankan Minister accused of Cover up attempt



The Health Minister Maithripala Sirisena said at a press conference today that there is a threat to his life and he is aware of the political dynamics behingd these atempts.


Mean while he is being accused for trying to cover up a n alleged attack on the son of a senior police official.


DBS Jeyaraj writes:

The latest episode in this serial is the incident in the East where the only son of the serving Deputy Inspector General of Police is ruthlessly assaulted in an area within his father’s official jurisdiction. While the victim of the assault lies in a Colombo hospital, the father of the chief assailant a powerful cabinet minister is engaged in brazen efforts to thwart the course of justice to safeguard his son.

The incident in question happened on Sunday February 24th 2013.Twenty seven year old Asela Waidyalankara,his wife and another couple were enjoying a short holiday at the “Malu Malu”beach resort in Paasikudah in the Batticaloa district. Paasikudah meaning “Green Algae Bay”in Tamil is about 35 km from Batticaloa town.It is renowned for its pristine beaches and shallow sparkling waters. Paasikudah is fast turning into a beach resort attracting domestic and

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foreign tourists.


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