Sri lanka’s Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith a strong candidate for Pope



Sri lanka’s Cardinal malcolm ranjith is emerging as astrog candidate for pope and he is being disscussed in international media – here is the E nglish trnaslation of a disscussion in a French publication-

If there is one area where the next pope is expected, it is the reform of the Curia. However, in the various lists that papabili Vaticanists out the last few days, it is a cardinal on which many agree, not only because it represents the possibility of a non-European Pope: it is the cardinal Patabendige Don Albert Malcolm Ranjith, Archbishop of Colombo (Sri Lanka) since 2009, created cardinal in 2010. “Extremely popular in the more orthodox wing of the Church, Cardinal Ranjith fulfills many requirements to be pope , ” wrote Sri Lankan daily The Island . ” Known for his personal holiness and administrative ability, he is also an expert Vatican diplomat who served in many cities around the world. Largely faithful to Pope Benedict XVI, he also spent time in the Roman Curia as number two in the ‘ministry’ of the Vatican on the liturgy . ”

It is indeed his talents as an organizer and administrator who made ​​the reputation of this man of 65 years: ” Since he took over the leadership of the Catholic Church [in Sri Lanka], Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith has ensured that resources are used effectively. rationalization of many autonomous groups within the church, fundraising for strengthening institutions, real estate sales to fund church activities are still difficult tasks and controversial. This caused stomach ulcers in some people, but overall, those who profit from the situation on the ground are impressed and grateful for the changes that occur. they feel that the resources from both government Sri Lankan international community have become more available under the stewardship of cardinal in the past . ”

The Vatican judge Ranjith John Allen as an option ” more compelling than his challenger Asian Luis Antonio Tagle, ten years younger and ” big winner buzzomètre “media. It is also the liturgical conservatism: ” [Between 2004 and 2008] Ranjith has become something like the bane of progressive liturgical. He criticized the communion in the hand, saying it was not envisaged by the Second Vatican Council (1962-65) and became widespread after the introduction illegitimate ‘in some countries. When Benedict XVI authorized a wider celebration of the old Latin Mass in 2007, Ranjith openly criticized the bishops which did not comply quickly with its implementation, accusing them of ‘disobedience’ … and even ‘revolt’ against the Pope . ”



On, is praised its qualities as a man close to his contemporaries . ” It is popular and close to the ground: it is the strength of Cardinal Ranjith. knows if muffled corridors of the Vatican, he also rubbed, especially when he was a young priest, the most glaring contemporary issues – developing literacy – which earned him a real popularity. Apostolic Nuncio (“ambassador” of the Vatican) in Indonesia and East Timor, he was tirelessly for victims of the tsunami in December 2004. Open the world: the asset is not small when the load Pontifical now requires many trips in all latitudes, Cardinal Ranjith speaks ten languages: Sinhala, Tamil, English, Italian, German, French, Spanish, Hebrew, Greek and Latin. During his ministry, he showed his diplomatic skills, particularly in the defense of persecuted Christian minorities. supporter of interfaith dialogue, he actually implemented in Sri Lanka with Buddhists, Hindus and Muslims . “(








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