Sri Lankan Artist Exploring India




Sri Lankan artist Anoli Perera, currently based in India, explains, “India guarantees better exposure which amounts to better business. We are selling more in Delhi than in Colombo or Kathmandu. Apart from this, the audience is bigger. For an artist, it’s great to have a larger, more informed audience.”


Indian galleries are playing pleased hosts too. “Since we have similar sensibilities, we identify with South Asian artists’ works better than, let’s say, a Korean artist’s work,” explains gallerist Shefali Somani who hosted Perera’s show.
And it is not just artists, even foreign art collectors are showing a keen interest in the Indian art market. For instance, renowned French art collector and curator Herve Perdriolle is spending years in rural India, learning and collecting folk and tribal art. Perdriolle has closely worked with famous Gond artists like Rajendra Shyam, Narmada Prasad and Jangarh Singh Shyam. He displayed their work at the India Art Fair recently.








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