Sri Lanka’s Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith Receiving Media Attention.

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Almost all International media covering the papal election have mentioned Sri Lankan Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith.

Although media speculators have not named the Sri Lankan Cardinal among the top candidates he certainly among those who are been discussed internationally.

French cardinal Andre Vingt-Trois, the Archbishop of Paris, told AFP in an interview there were around “half a dozen possible candidates”.

Italian cardinal Angelo Scola, the Archbishop of Milan, is often cited as a favourite, along with Canada’s Marc Ouellet and Brazil’s Odilo Scherer.

Meanwhile other names mentioned have been Hungary’s Peter Erdo, Mexico’s Jose Francisco Robles Ortega, Austria’s Christoph Schoenborn and Sri Lanka’s Albert Malcolm Ranjith.


The NBC news reports that there could be trend within the conclave that would encourage the collage of cardinals to look beyond the European grid and other geographic outliers and Malcolm Ranjith of Sri Lanka might get some votes in early balloting.


Kishore Jayabalan, director at Instituto Acton in Rome, commenting on the Sri Lankan cardinal  said: “As a cardinal he’s very experienced, he’s been in two Vatican offices, very important ones. One for missionary activity and one for liturgical worship. He’s also been a Nuncio in Asia, in Indonesia and in Timor Leste. He’s done a very good job of managing the conflicts in Sri Lanka.”

Another media report placed Cardinal ranjith on the tail end of the list.

“ are two Asian cardinals, Malcolm Ranjith, 65, from Sri Lanka and Luis Tagle of the Philippines. Ranjith, the archbishop of Colombo, is respected, has conservative theological leanings and well connected in Rome” said  the AP news report .

Channeal news Asia sited Mark McGowan, a professor at the University of Toronto’s department of religion, haveing  his own top 10 list of papabili (contenders to the throne) that includes a Canadian cardinal, four Latin American cardinals, two African cardinals, two European cardinals and two Asian cardinals.


Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith from Sri Lanka and the Cardinal from the Phillipiens, Luis Antonio Tagle are the two Asian cardinals.

Although there are eleven cardinals from Asia, only the Sri Lankan and the Pilipino have been mentioned as strong contenders, by media.


The LaPresa of Honduras Said:

Malcolm Ranjith, Cardinal of Sri Lanka is a candidate to succeed Benedict XVI
 In one of his first papal actions, Benedict chose an archbishop of Sri Lanka to occupy the Vatican high office on liturgy and church rituals.
Choosing Malcolm Ranjith in 2005 rewarded a strong exponent of the tradition. And there was a stage in which the Catholic Church asks what level of innovation to satisfy tolerate congregations in the developing world.
Ranjith faced competing priorities: the stewardship of tradition against reformist pressures. And in the debate mainly chose the first way. But he knew also act required diplomatic finesse to a Vatican envoy to establish the complex relationships with both Muslim-majority Indonesia as the predominantly Catholic nation of East Timor from Indonesia independizada.
Ranjith, who in 2010 was ordained the second Cardinal of Sri Lanka in the history of his country, is now mentioned among possible successors to Pope if caucus voters decide to look beyond Europe to recognize the demographic changes in the universal Church.
Ranjith 65, has experience in the Vatican and is considered protected ideologically Benedict. All this could attract the attention of papal electors seeking the audacity of a non-European pope with the guarantee that someone is not going to change the ecclesiastical orthodoxy.
But Ranjith has also earned adversaries due to fanatical loyalty to traditional worship, including the Mass in Latin, others have abandoned.

 He also earned a reputation as a faithful adherent to the ecclesiastical traditions.
Ranjith directed a commission in the 90 who reported positions theologian Tissa Balasuriya Sinhalese, who said he supported reforms such as the ordination of women. Ranjith was supported by then-Cardinal Joseph Rathsinger.




It seems that Cardinal Albert Malcolm Ranjith Patabendige’s experience in the Curia and strong theological background is been mentioned widely.

The conclave of 115 cardinal electors starts voting on Tuesday in a centuries-old tradition that will result in the election of the 266th pope.

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