Positives of Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith of Sri Lanka Highlighted

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As the Cardinals are set to elect a new pope some have been updating there face book and twitter accounts.  Sri Lankas  Cardinal Malcolm has been saying his prayers while his followers have been updating face book pages about there respected cardinal.

Observers expect a relatively short Conclave 2013. The Roman newspaper “La Repubblica” reported on Sunday, that many Cardinals expected that a new Church leader would be found soon. With four daily ballots, the Cardinals want to elect a new pontiff in the upcoming conclave.Although Sri Lanka’s cardinal has kept a low profile he has received considerable media attention.

Here is what  David Gibson of the Religion News Service had to say:

Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith of Sri Lanka, for example. At 65, Ranjith is also in the right age bracket (not too old, not too young) and his home base in Asia would satisfy demands that the cardinals look beyond Europe to choose a pope from the Global South, where the church is booming.

But Ranjith worked for many years in the Roman Curia and developed a reputation as a conservative and a genuine restorationist when it comes to the old Latin Mass, which is the defining issue for many on the church’s right flank.

In fact, just four months after being appointed archbishop of Colombo, in 2009, he issued rules requiring that Communion be received old-school style, on the tongue and in a kneeling position, and he forbid lay people from preaching.

“Despite those drawbacks, Ranjith may still be the most plausible Asian candidate to pass muster among the 115 cardinals who will cast ballots in this election,” wrote John Allen, ace Vaticanista with the National Catholic Reporter.

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Sri Lanka,s cardinal spelled out his philosophy in article to the   new liturgical movement new litigurical movement.


“We ought to constantly insist on worship as participation in what God Himself does, else we run the risk of engaging in idolatry. Liturgical symbolism helps us to rise above what is human to what is divine”






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