Black Smoke and Sri Lankan’s Cardinal Ranjith in Media



Catholics in Asia and other parts of the world where the Roman Catholic Church is growing fast would dearly like to see the cardinals choose an Asian pope for the first time in history when they begin meeting on Tuesday to select a successor to Benedict XVI.

Sri Lanka’s Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith is considered another long shot. The traditionalist was appointed by Benedict to oversee the Church’s liturgical practices in 2005, having previously served as papal nuncio, or ambassador, to Indonesia and East Timor.

Should the cardinals decide that the time has come for an Asian pope, Ranjith, 65, could find his age and his ideological convictions work in his favour over Tagle, who is a decade younger.

“what ever happens Sri Lanka’s Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith will walkout of the conclave as some one who has been able to make  an impressive presence , coming from a small country  which is predominately Buddhist and getting so much of media attention is some thing to take note”   a commenter said.

The Washington Post said that cardinal Ranjith could be more Roman than the Roman’s when it come to tradition.


Read more  of the NDTV report :ndtv_logo_black


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