Sri Lanka Removing Halal is Wisdom and Common Sense


halalnewsoad (5)A huge sigh of relief prevails in Sri Lanka. News welcomed by every right thinking person followed by the announcement to remove the Halal certificate/logo from local products. Nobody needs to feel ashamed.

It must be seen in terms of triumph for wisdom and common sense, or in other words a win for both sanity and rationality. The most important lesson emerging from this dispute is the dawning of wisdom that without the consent and prior approval of people of the older culture controversial and new practices of people of later or newer cultures cannot be simply absorbed or sustained by purely evoking universal tenets of freedom of religion.

This together with the future possibility that it would create divisions amongst the Muslims themselves as is seen unfolding in different parts of the world is what prompted the issue to surface. In hindsight the Muslims of Sri Lanka will be thankful.

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