Sri Lanka Getting Mixed Reactions at Geneva





Sri Lanka ’s commitment to reconciliation and rebuilding after the long drawn conflict was praised by  China and Russia at the UNHCR sessions in Geneva.


The need for an Independent investigation into alleged war crimes was emphasised by the UK as well as the US.

Several other countries said that Sri Lanka needs to be given time and space to implement.

Among the countries that commended Sri Lanka for the progress it had made in many aspects of Human Rights were Oman, Pakistan, Venezuela, Sudan, UAE, and Vietnam.

Pakistan said that Sri Lanka is facing a challenging situation and that the international community needs to be mindful of these challenges.


Minister Mahinda Samarasinha said “Sri Lanka received a total of 204 recommendations during the second cycle of its UPR held last November. At the adoption of the report in the Working Group, Sri Lanka accepted 110 recommendations and following further examination, Sri Lanka decided to support a further 3 recommendations, bringing the total number of recommendations enjoying our support to 113.Another 91 recommendations do not enjoy the support of Sri Lanka.”


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