Sri Lanka’s Ministers Oppose Anti Muslim Campaign-Graffiti In Kandy





At a time when Sinhala Government ministers maintain cowardly silence about the racist Anti-Muslim campaign of the Bodhu Bala Sena(BBS), some positive,encouraging developments have occurred in the North-Western Province known as Wayamba.

Many parts of the North-Western Province have been in recent times a hotbed of BBS activity. Areas in Wayamba province such as Kuliyapitiya, Narammala, Mawathagama, Dambadeniya and Kurunegala town have witnessed anti-Muslim actions in the form of demonstrations, rallies, poster and leaflet campaigns.Threatening letters have been sent in some places to Muslim businesses. Some shops too have been attacked in the night.



Meanwhile in kandy anti Muslim slogans have been written on a shop door.Muslim


A few weeks ago a mosque in Mahara, of the western province was vandalised with anti muslim slogans.



muslim 2






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