A Sri Lankan Fathers Tears at Geneeva- Dr Manoharan

dr manoharan_02

At the Geneva UNHCR session as the floor was opened up to ‘stakeholders’ Dr. Kasikulam Manoharan, from trincomalee took to the stand said that he does not have faith in the Sri Lankan judicial system.

Dr Manoharan said that he has been denied justice.

“My son was killed on the beaches of Trincomalee and my family was forced to leave Sri Lanka because I saw the injustice of his killing, 7 long years have passed since my sons murder without any justice or decision from Sri Lankan courts” he said.

The grevig father made it clear that he is not willing to let go the struggle in search of justice.

“I lost my son I seek to you to help and the HRC to move this investigation to the murder of the five youth because I don’t have hope for justice in Sri Lanka” he said

Rajihar mano

Rajhar Manoharan

The incident as documented by Human rights watch

On January 2, 2006 at about 7:30 p.m., seven youths, all 20-year-old graduates of Sri Koneswara Hindu College, chatted among themselves near the seafront in Trincomalee. According to eyewitness accounts, a grenade thrown at the youths from a green three-wheeler (or motor trishaw) exploded and injured three of them. Soon thereafter, 10 to 15 uniformed officers allegedly with the elite police Special Task Force arrived in jeeps. The officers put the wounded youth into their jeeps, beat them with rifle butts, and then pushed them onto the road. The officers then allegedly shot the young men, killing five and wounding two.

The army commander in Trincomalee initially reported to the media that seven members of the armed opposition Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) had been killed or injured when grenades they had been carrying exploded accidentally. The LTTE has been responsible for numerous attacks on military personnel and civilians in the Trincomalee area.

A government post mortem later determined that the five had died from gunshot  wounds. Three had been shot in the head, while two had died from shots to the chest and abdomen, apparently received while trying to flee.

At the time of the incident, Dr. Manoharan received a short mobile phone message from his son, who said that he and his friends were pleading with security forces personnel not to shoot them. Dr. Manoharan immediately tried to go to the nearby place where he knew his son was, but he was stopped by the security forces at a checkpoint. Dr. Manoharan testified at an inquest on January 10 that he heard the young men pleading for their lives and the gunshots. At the same time, the security forces had also briefly detained about 300 people at the seafront and made them kneel or sit, and had shut off all the street lamps, leaving the area dark.


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