More Evidence of attack on Sri Lankan monk in India -video


More photographic evidence on the assault of Sri Lankan Buddhist monk, Pathberiye Gnanaloka Thero, has now emerged.

The monk was assaulted by members of Tamil outfits at the Big Temple in Thanjavur, in Tiruchi, India on Saturday.


Gnanaloka Thero has been staying in New Delhi for the last one-and-half years pursuing the diploma course. The 46-year-old monk, who hails from Colombo, told The Hindu on the phone from the Tiruchi airport that he came to India in 2011 and enrolled himself for the ASI course

hit monk
Eleven persons, including A. Nalladurai, State coordinator of the Naam Thamizhar Katchi, and Pazha Rajendran of the Thamizh Desiya Podhuvudamai Katchi, were arrested in Thanjavur, while 10 persons, including MDMK rural district secretary, Tiruchi, were held in Tiruchi in connection with the stone-throwing incident

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