Tamilnadu is the place for Ealam




Shenali Waduge writes in an opinion piece-Tamailnadu is most suited plaice to be the Tamil homeland-

Tamils in India want a Tamil homeland, Tamils in Malaysia are also voicing similar sentiments, the LTTE Diaspora and TNA in Sri Lanka want a Tamil homeland and probably with time Tamils in Canada and Tamils in the UK may also start joining in the chorus.

If this be the case with 72m Tamils already living together in one single State, where the language of Tamil is officially the majority language in a state whose name Tamil Nadu translated means Land of the Tamils, a state that originated the call for a Tamil Homeland should ideally be the place to declare that Tamil homeland. It is upto India since India’s Central Government is consistently harping on “dignity and respect” of the Tamil people to facilitate this and put to rest the time being wasted in exploring different places to flag the Tamil Homeland.



One response to “Tamilnadu is the place for Ealam

  1. WE only wanted to be treated as equals and respected as equals and that’s why we asked to rule ourselves, we ruled ourselves before the Portuguese came and we were separated when the British came it was due to the blinded views of some Tamils that we are suffering now

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