Reaslution against Srt Lanka Passed 25 Countries in Favouer 13 Against


The UN Human Rights Council members have passed the US-sponsored resolution against Sri Lanka in Geneva. In the voting,  25 nations cast their vote in favour of the resolution, 13 against and 8 nations abstained. India voted in favour of the US resolution. India did not move any amendment on US resolution against Lanka at the UNHRC. Hundreds of demonstrators held up traffic outside the US embassy, close to Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapakse’s official residence and chanted slogans denouncing US President Barack Obama and India’s Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

The Federation of National Organisations, led by a key ruling party ally, marched to the area carrying placards denouncing the US for moving the censure resolution in Geneva and India for backing it.

India’s envoy Dilip Sinha  made a strongly worded statement on Sri Lanka, saying that it was imperative that Sri Lanka implemented the recommendations of the LLRC and moved forward in accordance with the 13th amendment to its constitution.

“It is vital that Sri Lanka addresses issues like missing persons, detainees, and the return of private lands by military”, Sinha said, adding that the measures taken so far were unsatisfactory.





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