Why a Young Indian Soft Ware Man is against Sri Lanka



Lalith Raja MS is a senior system engineer at Infosys, Chennai.  and this is his explanation on why he joined the anti Sri-Lankan  protest

It cannot be denied that we all stayed helpless while thousands were killed during the last days of the war. But you cannot deny that we all cried and fumed deep inside thinking of the plight of innocent lives lost in the crossfire and in planned bombardments through the decades. When it all ended or at least we thought so, we prayed for the settlement and rehabilitation of the displaced, leave out equal rights for that is always a distant dream. But what we read and watched was nothing but a continuous violation of human rights and discrimination against Tamils.

As usual, the incidents sprung up occasionally and ended with empathy and sympathy overflowing only in status messages and tweets. But one sudden and the most unprecedented turn of events happened to everybody’s surprise, including the Sri Lankans, after four years – the footage released by Channel 4 alleging that Balachandran, the innocent kid of LTTE chief Prabhakaran, was indeed shot dead in cold blood by the Sri Lankan arm




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