Sri Lanka’s Securities Director General Resigns sighting issues of principal

disabDr. D B P Hareendra Dissabandara  is the  latest to quit from the post of Director General from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).Previously Thilak karunaratna and Indrani Sugathadasa quit from the post of the post of chairperson   sighting issues of principal.

Prof. Hareendra Dissabandara has also mentioned contradictions of his principals and the ongoing activities at the SEC.

The Professor is a faculty member of the   Finance at the Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce, University of Sri Jayewardenepura.

Thilak karunaratna was very vocal when he resigned. He told the media that “a mafia of high net worth investors and their crony stockbrokers our mobilising political pressure and make it difficult to carry out his duties.

Ms Indrani Sugathadasa said that she is quitting the post of chairman of the SEC “Having considered the unfolding circumstances and upholding my principles,”

Two SEC Chairpersons resigned from the troubled regulator within a period of less than one year, and now the Director General has followed.


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