How the Sri Lankan Monks were Attacked in India-An Account






The attack on the two Buddhist priest in India has been condemned by some and angered many.  Here is an account of the happenings and its wider implications.

Seeing that the situation was transforming against them the trio left the scene hurriedly. The Police arrived and took the Sri Lankan pilgrims away from the platform to the station office. The priest was given first aid. Although his left leg was injured the monk refused medical treatment at a hospital. However he requested Police protection while being in Chennai.




Thereafter more Police arrived and statements were recorded. It was discovered then that in the melee 40,000 rupees had gone missing. The pilgrims were then transported to the Mahabodhi centre at Egmore with Police escort. Additional Police were provided for their security at the Mahabodhi. Subsequently Wageesa Thera left Chennai and arrived in Colombo. He was welcomed by many Buddhist priests at Katunayake.

Meanwhile Chennai Police questioned the TV crew about how they had arrived at the scene. The Police was told that they had got an anonymous telephone call saying that some Sinhalese people were being attacked at the station. The Police also checked the TV footage taken by the media and also the CCTV cameras. One of the men was identified and arrested. Consequently the other two were also arrested.




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