Sri Lanka India Check Mate?


With Mahinda Raja­pa­k­se, India had a fresh opportunity to start over. Instead, ties with Co­lo­mbo unraveled further.

That’s a shame. India could have found no greater well-wisher than the earthy Raja­pak­se, whose rise from relative obscurity to counter the blue-blooded Sinhala leadership of the Ban­da­ranaike-Kumaratungas has been spectacular, with the Rajapakse family clearly taking control of the levers of power, both in the Sri Lanka Freedom Party — once synonymous with the former first family — and in the military and government.

The recent impeachment and removal from office of former Chief Justice Shirani Ban­da­ra­nayake is part of the plan to remove nay-sayers from positions of power, as is the deliberate cutting down to size of war hero Gen. Sarath Fonseka, who mistakenly believed he could use his popularity to counter the President.


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One response to “Sri Lanka India Check Mate?

  1. he’s blind or turning a blind eye to the sufferings of the Tamil people and he even denies that there are Tamil people or any minorities in Sri Lanka

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