The Wahhabi Invasion of Sri Lanka

gereenad (24)To many non-Muslims, the existence of an Islamic community on the island of Sri Lanka may be surprising. Sri Lanka has been known for the past three decades as the scene of an atrocious civil war. Its Buddhist Sinhala majority, with 69.1 percent of the national population of 21.5 million, was challenged by Tamils – 7.1 percent, and mainly Hindu in religion, whom the secessionist Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam or “Tamil Tigers” aspired to represent. The “Tamil Tigers” were defeated militarily in 2009.

But Sri Lanka also counts 7.6 percent of its people as Muslims, and among them, as elsewhere throughout South Asia, the spiritual tradition of Sufism is vigorously present. After 1973, and the Arab oil embargo that enriched Saudi Arabia greatly, the ultra-fundamentalist Wahhabi sect, which is the official religious interpretation in the Saudi kingdom, began to penetrate Sri Lanka’s adherents to Islam. The Wahhabis in Sri Lanka act through a movement called Thawheed, or Monotheism. They opened numerous medresas. They despise Sufis.

According to M.C.A. Hameed, president of the All Ceylon Thareekathul Mufliheen, a Sufi order whose name means “path of the fearless victorious,” Sri Lankan Muslims then began to find employment in Saudi Arabia, and many young Sri Lankan Muslims were awarded scholarships by Saudi universities. But “those who completed their studies returned to Sri Lanka and… propagat[ed] the ideology” of Wahhabism, Hameed says. Further, “to pursue their goal the Wahhabis resorted to violence and intimidation culminating in death and destruction. Our religious society… was not spared and had to face untold hardship.”



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One response to “The Wahhabi Invasion of Sri Lanka

  1. Islamist Extremism or Buddhist extremism or western imperialism; which is in sri lanka?

    Bodu Bala sena, A Buddhist organization that call for extremist Buddhist practices in sri lanka are given a media statement that they are not opposing traditional Muslims. The traditional Muslim they say is belongs to a group call Sufis and this group is one of the inert group that caters American invasion worldwide by its silent. Mean time it should be noted that earlier Sufis are not covered as nowadays and the liberator of Jerusalem from crusaders, that is salahudeen Ayyubi was a Sufi inclined person but he was not silent in times of atrocities. Surprisingly, some report which says that transmitted from US embassy as follows, “Source reported there are four primary Muslim groups based in Colombo: Sri Lanka Jamthi Islam, Thauhid Jamath, Thableeq Jamath, and Jamathi Muslim.” the US Embassy Colombo informed Washington.

    When I see these I really had a good laugh, as I know where it is come from and why such are published. This is nothing but the formal US strategy where they can’t accomplish their mission. In sri lanka their objective is to take army forces for their invasions and inert the Muslims against without making any voice. Helping to place a permanent foot for Israel in sri lanka so that just like in LTTE days these monsters can train our armies as well as any elements that are against our country’s unity.

    On a report prepared by Cheryl Benard who is a think tank work for Smith Richardson Foundation ,National Security Research Division for American intelligence was favoring the sufi Islam against any other form due to its inert nature. We must know the fact that H. Smith Richardson Foundation, one of the major backers of Brzezinski and Huntington’s drive for war. also they spread lies through the AFF, a so-called deprogramming cult made up professional kidnappers and mind control specialists, like Robert J. Lifton, Margaret Singer, and the late L. Jolyon West, all of whom were veterans of the CIA’s notorious brainwashing program known as MK-ULTRA. Or, they rely on the ADL, an organization linked to organized crime, that has been caught illegally spying on American citizens, and is one of the chief apologists for the zionist atrocities of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and the utopian lunatics in the Israeli Defense Forces.
    In the report Cheryl Benard had mentioned that “encouraging the popularity and acceptance of Sufism.” Is one of the strategies to bring down the Muslim voice and opposition against the US strategy. So its clear that these are technique to suppress Muslim opposition such as the film they made against prophet, Iraq invasion and many atrocities around the world.

    Also it should be noted that , leaked US State Department cables revealed that in December 2009, US Assistant Secretary of State, Robert O. Blake, in a meeting with Gotabhaya Rajapaksa, the Defense Secretary, raised the possibility of Sri Lanka contributing to the US-led coalition operations in Afghanistan. But Gotabhaya Rajapaksa had rejected this call and US is need of help the war it cannot complete. So US will definitely try to demonize the groups that are not committed any kind of terrorism but oppose American lies in public. Mean time government’s silent over BBS and many other extremist groups in sri lanka simply highlights that even government has fallen to the traps of foreign elements that tries to divide our country.

    We know the fact that US started to wage war against Iraq under the pre text of weapon of mass destruction and to date nothing such as found mean time invasion of Afghanistan under pretext of hunting one man osama binladen and the doubt that US citizens having on the destruction of world trade center as inside job are known to many. Israeli oppression in Palestine and its effort to caste Muslims that oppose their illegal occupation as most evil people is an open secret. With this context labeling sri Lankan Muslims and their organization that have no any kind of terrorist activity and giving reports without any single evidence of any sort of terrorism in sri lanka is really laughable. Also US in a position to label any group in their favor as rebels and if they don’t cater their objective as terrorist or extremist. Will these lies will have an impact on sri lanka?
    My challenge to CIA, if possible prove with evidence one single extremism that so-called groups committed in sri lanka. We know how you and your mossad friends are leading the war.

    The Mossad motto: “By way of deception, thou shall do war”

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