Suspects Arrested for Attack on Muslim Shop and More Hate Circulates-viedio


Sri Lanka’s security forces have arrested at least four men reportedly in connection with an attack on a Muslim-owned clothing store in the country’s largest city, Colombo.

According to a statement released by Sri Lanka’s police spokesman Buddhika Siriwardena on Saturday, the four men were linked to Sinhala-Buddhist community.

Late on Thursday night, Sinhala-Buddhist hardliners attacked the Muslim-owned Fashion Bug store in the Colombo suburb of Pepiliyana, hurled stones at the place, set merchandise on fire, and smashed vehicles parked outside. At least three people sustained injuries during the attack.

Siriwardena added that an investigation is still under way for those who torched and vandalized a section of the store.

Official sources said the incident appears to be part of the wave of attacks targeting Sri Lanka’s Muslim population.

On Friday, police beefed up security across Sri Lanka and deployed commandos of the elite Special Task Force in Pepiliyana.

The Muslim Council of Sri Lanka, an umbrella organization for Sri Lankan Muslim groups, said the Thursday attack marks a new phase in the ethnic violence against the country’s Muslim minority.
The intervention of security forces to resolve the situation had been delayed and that a lukewarm approach was evident in the legal steps which had followed, charged UNP General Secretary Tissa Attanayake.

He claimed that the government had followed a neutral policy regarding such lawless acts from the start and that instead finding a solution to the issues had created divisions between various Buddhist clergy and sections.

Mean while a letter that threatened the closure of a  Muslim  mosque has been circulating


The  letter said that the Mosque in Colombo nine should down before the Sinhala new year.The authenticity of the letter could not be verified .The Bodu Bala Sena movement denies been associated with any kind of hate campaign against the Muslims in Sri  lanka.

Viedio of the Attack and the Mob  


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