Manmohan to Take Call on Sri Lanka Commonwealth Boycott


MAHINDA AND MAN MOHANWith Union Shipping Minister GK Vasan joining the chorus for boycott of Commonwealth meeting in Colombo over the Sri Lankan Tamils issue, Minister of State in Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) V. Narayanasamy on Saturday said Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh will take a final call on it after holding discussions with External Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid.

“As far as the Commonwealth meetings is concerned, it is going to happen in November 2013. The Tamil Nadu assembly passed a resolution, send it to the Government of India. The DMK leader also made such a request by passing a resolution in their general council. The DMK Party also made the request. Vasan also said that clearly this is his personal view,” Narayanasamy told media here.

“As far as the Government of India is concerned, there is still time. The Prime Minister will discuss the issue with the Foreign Affairs Minister and (then) the Prime Minister will take a final decision on that,” he added.





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