More Suspects and Three Monks Surrender on Fashion Bug Attack


Three Buddhist monks surrendered to the Mirihana police this evening over the attack on the Fashion Bug warehouse in Pepiliyana last week, police sources told the Colombo Gazette.

A monk who was seen on television throwing stones towards a CCTV camera at the store during the mob attack last week, while police officers stood there doing nothing, had also surrendered.

The three monks had been given time till this afternoon to surrender but they handedĀ themselves over this evening, police sources added.

Meanwhile unconfirmed reports said that among the three monks who surrendered, was a member of the Bodu Bala Sena from Panadura.

The police said that in all 18 suspects were now in custody over the attack and they are scheduled to be produced in court tomorrow.

Well over 500 people were involved in the attack, initially on a car sales center and then on the Fashion Bug warehouse next door at Pepiliyana, last Thursday night.






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