Resolution Against Sri Lanka- Dangerous Move for India



un logoIndia’s vote at the UN human rights council in favour of the resolution on Sri Lanka will further harm its troubled ties with its neighbour, writes Harsh V. Pant

Demonstrations in Chennai demanding that the Centre vote against Sri Lanka at the UNHRC
After all the brouhaha, India finally voted with 24 other states last week in favour of the controversial United Nations human rights council resolution on human rights violations in Sri Lanka. In fact, New Delhi was pressing for as many as seven amendments to the draft resolution but, given the time constraint, it had to remain content with the original draft. The main concern that governed India’s intervention in the matter was the need for a credible and independent investigation into alleged war crimes and human rights abuses in Sri Lanka. In his remarks, India’s permanent representative to the UN human rights council in Geneva, Dilip Sinha, said, “As a neighbour with thousands of years of relations with Sri Lanka, we cannot remain untouched by developments in that country and will continue to remain engaged in this matter.” He underscored “the inadequate progress by Sri Lanka in fulfilling its commitment” to the UN council, and called upon the nation to fully implement the 13th amendment. “India has always been of the view that the end of the conflict in Sri Lanka provided a unique opportunity to pursue a lasting political settlement, acceptable to all communities in Sri Lanka, including the Tamils”, Sinha suggested.

If New Delhi had tried last year to amend the United States of America-sponsored resolution in order to make it less intrusive, more balanced and more respectful of Sri Lankan sovereignty, this year it was trying to do the opposite: bringing ine words in the resolution stronger. It reportedly pushed for seven written amendments in six paragraphs of the resolution. But if this was aimed at the domestic political landscape, it clearly failed to have any impact as both the All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam and the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam had accused the United Progressive Alliance government of “diluting” the resolution by not moving any amendments demanded by them. amendments to make somclick


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  1. sri lanka is a innocent country of the world u.s or india affect is not good.

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