TNA Attacked at Kilinoachchi – Act of the Sri Lankan State


TNAATTACK2Sri Lanka’s national flag was disgraced and disrespected in the Northern town of Kilinochchi on Saturday March 30th 2013 when a motley crew of “State Terrorists” launched a stone attack on the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) office premises while a political discussion was in progress.

The assortment of state sponsored, inebriated rowdies shouting abusive slogans and throwing stones was also carrying the sword bearing Lion flag with two stripes as it engaged in the sordid act thereby insulting Sri Lanka’s national flag.

At least fifteen persons including two Policemen sustained injuries in the stone attack which also damaged parts of the office building and a few parked vehicles.


The Tamil National Alliance(TNA) which is the premier democratic political configuration of the Sri Lankan Tamils was holding a “Makkal Santhippu”(peoples meeting) in Kilinochchi on March 30th Saturday at the party office precincts. These Meetings where people of the area meet their elected representatives and engage in discussions about current developments is a familiar feature in contemporary Tamil politics.The TNA comprising four political parties contests elections under the house symbol of Ilankai Thamil Arasu Katchi(ITAK).



The discussion was held in the compound under a Jak tree with chairs and benches being placed in the open.Around 60 -65 people including some women participated along with four TNA members of Parliament. The meeting was chaired by senior Jaffna district MP Somasuntharam Senathirajah known as “Maavai” Senathirajah.Jaffna district MP’s E.Saravanabavan and S. Sritharan along with national list member MA Sumanthiran were also present. Sritharan is the TNA organizer for the Kilinochchi electoral division within the Jaffna electoral district.

The People’s meeting began at 9.30 am.Due authorisation for the meeting had been obtained beforehand and three Policemen were stationed at the premises to provide security .After the four MP’s spoke briefly a question and answer session took place. There was much interest amidst the gathering about current events. Lots of questions were raised and answers given by the TNA parliamentarians.




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