Christians Call out to Stop Attacks


The National Christian Evangelical Alliance of Sri Lanka (NCEASL)  said that it  is deeply concerned regarding the prevalence in Sri Lanka of an organized campaign of hatred against adherents of non‐majority faiths.


The Alliance points out that these attacks have occurred with impunity. In most instances there have been no arrests and punitive action taken, though the attacks have occurred openly with eye witnesses, video and photographic evidence available. The law enforcement authorities have been generally passive onlookers in the outrageous assault on basic human rights and liberties, including religious freedom, economic and cultural rights of minority religious communities.


There are two alarming factors about the current situation. The first is that the violence seem to be organized and orchestrated by two organizations. Hence the violence has sustainability. Secondly and most alarmingly both the extremist violent organizations seemingly have patronage and support from authorities and hence the impunity with which they operate  ,said the alliance 


The  NCEASL calls upon the Government of Sri Lanka to make clear its commitment to equity and to instruct its law enforcement and security authorities to stop majoritarian vigilantism, enforce the law and ensure the peace.


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