This Time its Ravana Balaya Threatening Sri Lanka’s Crickerters


A movement named ‘Ravana Balaya’ (Power of Ravana), which included many Buddhist monks, held a protest rally outside Sri Lanka Cricket headquarters at Maitland Place, Colombo yesterday saying they would take action against the cricketers whom they call are ‘prostituting themselves for money.’


Around 200 protesters  gathered at the cricket board chanting slogans against the Sri Lankan cricketers who left the country this week to participate at the Indian Premier League (IPL) .

It was another power play of the  hard  line Buddhist Priest .

“These cricketers have prostituted themselves for Jayalalithaa’s money. We respect those who refused to bow down to money power,” the organisation’s secretary Iththakande Saddathissa Thera said.


The   Buddhist Priest said that they would take stern action against the players.


“The day will soon arrive when the very same hands that applauded the cricketers are used to throw rotten eggs at them,” the monk has further added.




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