Sri Lankas Muslim Justice Minister Not Convinced with Fashion Bug Settlement

rauf-hakeem1The leader of the Muslim Congress and Justice Minister Rauf Hakeem said that the Fashion Bug settlement was something forced upon the owner and the rule of the law had been challenged.

Sri Lanka Muslim Congress (SLMC) high command has agreed to stay on the government but the minister said that if the government does not take adequate steps to stop the anti muslim campaign they would have to consider other options.,

Last week Hakeem had requested President Mahinda Rajapakse to convene a cabinet meeting to discuss the rising religious unrest and civil disturbance in the country,but no emergency meeting was convened.

Mean while the Colombo Gazzate  reported that  -A resolution was submitted and adopted at the Kalmunai Municipal Council this morning against extremists groups including the Bodu Bala Sena.

The resolution also calls for the support of efforts being taken by Minister of National Language and Social Integration Vasudeva Nanayakara to crackdown on extremist groups.

Speaking during the Council session today chaired by Kalumunai Mayor Dr. Shiraz Mirashib, several Council members spoke against the Bodu Bala Sena and the hate campaigns targeting Muslims in Sri Lanka.

Secretary-General of the All Ceylon Muslim Congress Y. L. S. Hameed was among the politicians who extended support for the resolution and the efforts of Minister Nanayakkara, sources at the session told the Colombo Gazette.

Nanayakkara had recently accused the Bodu Bala Sena, Ravana Balaya and Sinhala Ravaya of spreading hatred and disharmony among religions and other communities.

He also accused the police of failing to take action against such groups despite them openly advocating hatred.



Mean while D B S Jeyaraj reported-

Weligama in Matara District of the Southern Province has become the latest venue of anti –Muslim activity in Sri Lanka.Weligama meaning “Sandy Village”in Sinhala is situated 144 Km from and is a well-known tourist destination in the Island.Although Sinhalese are the preponderant majority in the area the population of Weligama is diverse with Muslims,Tamils,Burghers and Malays living in amity there.

The controversial Bodhu Bala Sena (BBS)organization that has been conducting an on-going campaign against the Sri Lankan Muslims has now entered Weligama and is staging a public rally at 2.00 pm on April 3rd near the Pradeshiya Sabha office.


The walls in Weligama and its environs are plastered with red and white posters announcing the BBS rally.
Meetings conducted by the Bodhu Bala Sena in different parts of the country have seen much hatred and venom against Muslims being expressed on such occasions.

In a bid to avert unnecessary friction Islamic theologians attached to the local Mosques have advised Muslims to avoid the Pradeshiya Sabha office area as far as possible when the BBS rally is held.

Apart from anxiety over the BBS rally what has upset Muslims more in Weligama is the widespread distribution of a leaflet in Sinhala targeting the community.

The leaflet appeals to the Sinhala people not to purchase any products or items from Muslim owned businesses in the area.

The leaflet specifically mentions the names of certain businesses run by Muslims and exhorts the people not to patronise these establishments.






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