Mother was turned away from Meeting Gotabaya while Searching Sons In Matale





The two teenage sons of K.G. Kamalawathi were snatched by the soldiers who arrived at her residence during a notorious ‘military round up’ of local youth on 13 December 1989. The two teenagers, Susantha Janaka (18) and Rohana Nishantha (17), were GCE Advanced Level students at Science College and Vijaya Vidyalaya, Matale.

The two boys were having their lunch when the military unceremoniously entered their home at Warakanda Watta, Ukuwela, Matale, and took them to the Rest House Camp, near Vijaya Vidyalaya, which was located in the vicinity of the current mass grave at the backyard of the Matale Hospital, from where 154 skeleton remains dating back to 1986-89 as stated in the investigations, had been uncovered.


“Thirteen other boys from the village were also taken on by the Army that day,” recalls Kamalawathi.


“When my children were taken by the Army, I   followed them. They were taken to the Rest House Camp, located near Vijaya Vidyalaya. I asked that I be allowed to talk to my sons, but the soldiers refused.”


Kamalawathi visited the Army camp the following day and once again she had been denied permission to see her sons.


“On the third day, a soldier read out from a list the names of the children who had been held in the camp. Some names had been cut off with a red pen and the names of my two sons had also been cut off, in red,” she said.




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