Sri Lanka to become Casino Hub


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James Packer, who is ranked in the top 200 richest people in the world, has ambitious plans of expanding his gambling empire. These days he is vitally interested in expanding in Sri Lanka as the small India Ocean island is considered a perfect place for a casino hub.

Packer’s expansion plans

For more or less one year, James Packer has been intensively working on expanding its gambling empire which is located in Australia, Macau, the UK and US. Interestingly, James Parker intends to cooperate with Henry Sy to construct a 1$ billion casino in the Philippines as a part of his ambitious expansion plans. But the Australia’s third richest man does not want to make do with it. Therefore he is eyeing Sri Lanka.

The deep interest in Sri Lanka is quite obvious, given the latest James Packer’s visit to the small India Ocean island. James Packer, who owns approximately 50 percent of shares in Crown Ltd., has had a quite busy staying there as he supposedly met with the island’s authorities in the first week of April. According to sources familiar with the matter, no details of investment were stipulated. However, the investment in Sri Lanka would certainly include casino, hotels and other facilities which would lure more tourists to the spot. And it seems that the Sri Lankan government is vitally interested in the investment aimed at developing a casino center which would lure gamblers and tourists.



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