Sri Lankan Women Speak in Pictures


Herstories is a multi-media exhibition of stories from Sri Lankan women told through hand-written letters, photo-essays, short video, mediated artworks, timelines and other visual expression.

It’s held at the Harold Peiris Gallery of the Lionel Wendt, this weekend from April 6th to April 7th, 10 AM to 8 PM.

It’s in multiple languages and is an extension of a lot of field work which will soon be put on the web. Worth a gander.These histories or ‘Herstories’ not only showcase a shared history, but show how we Sri Lankans are rooted in multiple identities, multiple histories, and different experiences.

Through the narratives of many, this project will highlight a collective sense of fundamental humanness and ‘Sri Lankanness’ that transcend boundaries. These ‘Herstories’ will not only add to the culture of oral tradition and story telling in Sri Lanka, they will contribute to bringing diverse groups together and the preservation of history through the ‘voices of those that lived it’ for future generations of Sri Lankans.



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