Former CJ to Stay or to Flee Sri Lanka ?


The State Owned Ceylon Daily News  reported that Former Chief Justice Shirani Bandaranayake is planning to leave the country when the Bribery and Corruption Commission is in the process of hearing a case in which she is charged with several counts of bribery and corruption, quoting  reliable sources.

It further said that the Bribery Commission at the last hearing requested Mrs. Bandaranayake to provide her response to the charge sheet within a stipulated time period.

The state owned daily reported that she failed to make any oral submissions either, and instead walked out after obtaining further time to do so and that the  Commission which gave her time till May 17 to either file her objections or make oral submissions, warned her that no more extensions would be given if she failed to respond on that date.

Meanwhile Ceylon Today Reported that the former CJ intends to remain and battle on .

Ceylon Today

Controversially impeached Chief Justice, Dr. Shirani Bandaranayake, intends to remain in Sri Lanka despite reports in several media institutions that she is attempting to flee the country, Ceylon Today reliably learns.

Speaking to Ceylon Today, on conditions of anonymity, lawyers close to the former Chief Justice said she has no intention, whatsoever, to leave the country.

“As far as I know, there is no truth in the speculation that Dr. Bandaranayake is about to flee,” a senior Attorney-at-Law, who wished to remain anonymous, told Ceylon Today. The lawyer further noted it is ‘highly unlikely’ that Dr. Bandaranayake would plan a getaway as she intends to refute the allegations regarding bribery and asset-declaration levelled against her by the Commission to Investigate Allegations of Bribery or Corruption.

Another lawyer who had appeared for Dr. Bandaranayake, also on grounds of anonymity, said “these allegations are completely false” and added it would be difficult for Dr. Bandaranayake to flee undetected due to heightened police surveillance at her residence in Nawala.


Media speculation regarding a potential fleeing by the ex-Chief Justice has mounted ever since she first appeared before the Bribery Commission on 18 March to hear charges concerning the alleged ‘non-declaration of assets.’ During the first sitting of the Commission, Dr. Bandaranayake had objected to the presence of certain members on the panel on grounds of bias, and had requested time till 1 April to lodge preliminary objections in writing to the Commission. However, she had failed to do so on 1 April and had sought an extended time period to file both written objections and answers to the charges leveled.

Reliable sources informed Ceylon Today, that Dr. Bandaranayake had not received a written document highlighting the charges for which she is being investigated, but has been orally informed of said charges at the sittings of the Bribery Commission.

She has now been instructed to file her written objections on 10 May.


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