Bodu Bala is Not Protecting Buddhist but Gotabaya-Viedio


Former Army commander Gen. sarath  Fonseka during the briefing summoned to dispel myths regarding his stance on the Halal issue said that he had always been committed to protect all religions and its practices in the country.

“I have been very clear on this. From what we have seen this entire Halal issue doesn’t seem to be to protect Buddhism but rather has a different agenda. I’m also a good Buddhist but I’m of the view that every person has the right to practice his or her religion in total freedom” he said.

He asserted that the method by  which the Bodu Bala Sena campaigned was stopped was questionable.

“If they could stop because the Secretary of Defence wanted them to, then there is an assertion that it was started also because he wanted them to. This entire issue has got nothing to do with protecting Buddhism but rather something which has different political motivations” he said



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