Sri Lankan’s in South Korea need not Worry –

Northern troops growing plants, don’t be too scared: South Korean envoy in Sri Lanka
Apr 12, 2013 (LBO) – Sri Lankans working or with relatives in South Korea, should not be “excessively anxious” about sabre rattling by the North as many soldiers are spring farming and not mobilizing for war yet, Seoul’s envoy to Colombo said.
“It is only natural that the international community is concerned about the threats of North Korea,” ambassador Jongmoon Choi said in a statement.”However, we don’t see any unusual military movement on the part of the North, and there is no sign that the North is actually preparing military attack.”The current military drill of the North Korean army is of the same intensity and scope as before, and quite a lot of North Korean soldiers are engaged in farming in the current spring season.”

He said the threats of war were part of psychological warfare practiced by the North, and it was also useful for the regime domestically to show that there was an external crisis.

There were 25,000 Sri Lankans in Korea, among 230,000 foreign guest workers.

Jongmoon Choi said South Korea collaborating with its allies and neighbouring countries to block military provocations by the north.

“This effort has been successful so far, and deterrence will remain the most important counter measure of my Government when it faces threats from the North,” he said.

“At the same time, the Korean Government is maintaining full preparedness in every aspect for possible emergencies based on precise analysis of the situations. Safety measures for foreigners in Korea are also an important part of these measures.

“I hope the people and the Government of Sri Lanka can stand calm with the Republic of Korea and join the international community in sending a firm and constant message to North Korea that it should make a right choice, instead of going into a way of isolation.”

(Lanka Business On line)


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