Indian Trawling in Sri Lanka is Sanctioned Burglary- S L Gunasekara




Fishing is undoubtedly a major occupation of the Tamils and Muslims in the coastal areas of the Northern and Eastern Provinces. The waters around those areas are said to abound in fish which constitute the likely catch and means of livelihood of the indigent Tamil and Muslim fishermen of those areas and food with which the entire people of this Country could be fed at affordable prices. However, that catch is stolen from them on a regular basis by Tamil fishermen from South India with the blessings of Sonia Gandhi, Manmohan Singh, Jayalalitha and Karunanidhi who steal the fish of these indigent Tamil fishermen with impunity and thereby deprive those Tamil and Muslim fishermen of Sri Lanka of their livelihood. Has Sampanthan or Surendiran or any of their ilk ever raised a whimper of protest against this outrageous conduct of the Tamil fishermen of South India or of the political patronage they receive?? Today, we find that their Chief Minister Jayalalitha, has even said that the conduct of our Navy in arresting Indian fishermen who trespass on our territorial waters to steal our food are acts of aggression!! Obviously this actress is ignorant of the facts of real life.

Our territorial waters are as much our territory as our land, and no foreigner, be it an Indian, a Chinese, an Australian or an American has any right of whatever nature to step into either our territorial waters or our land without the expressed written sanction of the Government of Sri Lanka which is normally endorsed on a passport in the form of a visa. That none of these robbers of fish had a visa is indisputable. Their conduct in catching fish in our territorial waters is equivalent of a bunch of burglars entering the house of another and stealing his goods.

There is one difference between those burglars of houses and these burglars of fish and that is that while the burglars of houses are not given patronage by the likes of Sonia Gandhi, Manmohan Singh. Jayalalitha or Karunanidhi, these burglars of our fish are backed by all those powerful forces when they steal the fish of Sri Lanka and deprive the indigent Tamil and Muslim fishermen of the Northern and Eastern Provinces of their catch and livelihood. Why is it that Sampanthan and Surendiran and so many others including Michelle Sison, the `so called’ Ambassador of the United States of America in Sri Lanka, Navi Pillai and the UNHRC are silent on these matters? Is it that they are frightened of antagonising India? It certainly appears to be so. Accordingly, what weight and what seriousness can one attach to criticisms and accusations that come from wholly tainted sources such as these??




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