Another Muslim Owned Business Attacked In Gampola, Sri Lanka




Reports from Sri Lanka state that a Muslim Owned Textile store in the Central Province town of Gampola has been attacked in broad daylight on Tuesday April 16th 2013.

A gang of hoodlums numbering about a dozen launched an attack against the “Lucky Emporium”textile store situated on Ambagamuwa road in Gampola in the Kandy district in the afternoon of April 16th.


Details of the attack remain scanty at this point of time but apparently the glass panes of the shop as well as showcases had been shattered leaving a debris of broken glass fragments inside and outside the premises.
The extent of damage done or injuries inflicted on persons remains unavailable at this point of time.

“Lucky Emporium”is a popular business establishment in Gampola owned and managed by Sri Lankan Muslim entrepreneurs.

The attack comes in the wake of an on going campaign against Muslim owned business establishments by ethno religious fascist organizations claiming to represent the Sinhala Buddhist majority in Sri Lanka.

However a prominent Muslim Government politician from the area has stated that the attack was not political in nature and that it was due to personal and not political reasons.

Kandy district Parliamentarian and Deputy minister of Environment and Renewable Energy ARM Abdul Cader has reportedly told a Muslim website that the cause of the attack was personal rivalry and not part of any political campaign




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