Big Brother Game with Sri Lanka is no Good for India

big brologo

Jyoti Sinha, a former research and analysis wing official, played an important role in increasing India’s influence in neighbouring countries like Myanmar, Bhutan, Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka during the NDA regime (1999-2004). He is also considered the architect of Indian influence in Sri Lanka from 2001-2004. The former IPS official spoke to TOI on the Tamil issue during his recent visit to Bangalore for a lecture on ‘Latest developments in Sri Lanka: India’s Interest and Concerns’. Excerpts from an exclusive interview:

How has India’s vote against Sri Lanka at UN change relationship between New Delhi and Colombo?

I am sure the Sri Lankan government is very upset about it. But, I think anyone who has dealt with the island nation closely will not disagree that most Sinhalese, except for a small percentage, want a deep abiding and enduring friendship with India. They feel much more comfortable with India’s support and our endeavour to help them prosper. The Sri Lankan government does realize that the voting was due to the present fluid political situation in India and Tamil Nadu in particular, prior to the upcoming 2014 elections, which has compelled New Delhi to take this stand at the UN.





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