Tamil MP’s Expose Political Bankrupcey of Muslim Politicians




Political bankruptcy of Muslim parliamentarians was exposed by the Tamil National Alliance leader R Sampanthan and the TNA parliamentarian M.A. Sumanthiran when they raised the issue of growing disastrous hate Muslim campaign in the parliament.

As it is well known that there has been a wave of well planned attacks on the political, religious, cultural, economic life of Muslims in Sri Lanka. This campaign which started early last year with the destruction of a more than 400 year old Muslim shrine in Anuradhapura continues unabated with growing intensity.


Then came the attack on Dambulla Mosque followed by attacks on other mosques, threat to Muslim owned business establishments, calling Sinhalese to boycott Muslim business establishments, doctor trying to sterilize Muslim women in government hospital ,principal at Sinhalese school forcing Muslim children to kneel down and worship teachers, demonstrations carrying photos of pigs with Allah’s name in Arabic on it, arson attack led by monks on the Muslim owned textile outlet Fashion Bug and many more.

The shameful state of affairs is such that racist hooligans even attacked Muslim women wearing traditional hijab.

This disastrous and disgraceful ethno religious fascism has been unleashed by a handful of people who call themselves Buddhist monks and claim to preach Buddha’s message of peace and harmony. They also claim that these atrocities against Muslims have been done to save Buddhism and the Sinhalese community.





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