Sri Lanka’s Manju Makes Gold for Nano


Gunawardene brought honour to the country for his two inventions developed using nanotechnology. The Gold award was presented for his air purifying nano photocatalytic CFL lamp and the Silver was for the nano visible light photocatalysis-based hospital infection control system.
The Gold medal was awarded in the category of ‘Food Stuff, Drinks, Cosmetis, Paramedical, Health and Hygiene’ for the nano photocatalytic CFL lamp sanitises air by killing microorganisms present in the air without the use of any harmful sanitisers or any type of chemicals. The innovative coating on the bulb not only kills germs, but also destroys any odours and harmful chemical vapours present in the air.

The Silver medal was awarded in the Category of ‘Medicine, Surgery, Hygiene, Orthopaedics and Material for Handicap’.
Gunawardene is a serial inventor who hails from Matara. He was a student of Mahanama College and Royal College Colombo.



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