Sri Lanka’s Always Brakedown Power Plant-Norochcholai





The Norochcholai Coal Power Plant has suffered its nineteenth break down from Thursday night, CEB sources revealed.

They said a defect in a protective device of the boiler system of the plant had caused the breakdown.

When inquired, CEB Chairman W. B. Ganegala confirmed the report but said the defect caused by a faulty device had now been rectified.

Meanwhile, the Electrical Engineers Association attributed the frequent breakdowns to improper maintenance work.

They said the installation of the Norochcholai Plant was a timely need but the plant administration was responsible for frequent breakdowns due to lack of maintenance. They said their requests forwarded to the Ministry and the CEB had not been heeded to.

According to the engineers there are some rectifiable defects in the cooling system of the plant but lethargy on the part of the administration continued to create more problems.

Installation of the plant was meant for providing cheap electricity but the frequent breakdowns of the plant have compelled the CEB to buy expensive electricity from other sources, the association alleged.(Daily Mirror)


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