Sri Lankan Suspected of Wife’s Murder, Dies in Italy -Shocking Events



CATANIA April 22, 2013  Sarath Moragoda , the Sinhalese who had suffered burns in a fire two days ago when his wife died, Maduri Warnacula,  has died. The charred corpse ofwoman had been found with his feet and neck bound with electrical wire.

For the police to kill her husband was out of jealousy. SURVEYS  The breakthrough in the investigation came from the discovery of the ‘missing piece in the dynamics of the alleged wife-murder: the’ canister which would be brought to the flammable liquid to start a fire in the home . During a final inspection of the couple’s home, in the neighborhood of Catania Picanello, soldiers of found a plastic container, which would rule out the presence of a third person in the couple’s home during the tragedy.The yard gate was locked from inside and there were no signs of forced entry.

Fall of the thesis of the presence of a third person, the police did not remain a mere possibility, that privileged the beginning: it was Sarath Moragoda to kill his wife, found lying supine on the floor with a rope around his neck and feet linked with the electric wire.

Then he sprinkled on the body of the flammable liquid and set on fire. The motive would be passionate: it seems that the man was jealous of the woman and has long challenged the suspicions of another relationship.For investigators is not yet clear whether the Sinhalese wanted to commit suicide or if he wanted to create an alibi, simulating a ‘aggression, or whatever. Surely the vapors of flammable liquid used, probably gasoline, have saturated the small room of the house, in full ground with a low roof, after the start of combustion have caused an explosion.

The man was engulfed in flames and was released from ‘home screaming. The first was to rescue a neighbor who wrapped with a blanket. Brought Cannizzaro Hospital in Catania, with burns over most of the body, has undergone major surgery and admitted to the intensive care unit where he died this morning at 11.

The tragedy of two days ago, did not attend the couple’s son, a 14 year old at the time of the explosion was in the parish of the district for a course of catechesis.





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