Sachin was a Inspiration to Sri Lanka s Murali





It’s birthday time for Sachin Tendulkar and the world’s top spinner Muttiah Muralitharan is wasting no words to lavish praise on the Little Master who turns 40 on Wednesday. “I’ll always remember Sachin as a quality cricketer, one of the best of all time. Importantly, he is also a great bloke, one of the nicest I have met in the game.” The Sri Lanka legend said, adding Tendulkar inspired him to play positively and aggressively.
cricket ball(4)“I saw the curly-haired cricketer for the first time in 1993. Soon after his debut a few years ago, he was the most spoken-about and discussed and was also touted as the next big thing in cricket. He was just 19 and I had not seen much of Sachin then. He didn’t open the innings, he’d come out to bat at No. 5 in the one-dayers.CLICK HERE


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