Sri Lanka’s Coca to be Destroyed


Coca_PlantThe District Secretary of Matara directed yesterday the grama niladharis of the specific areas where cocaine plants have been found in home gardens, to take steps to uproot and destroy the invasive plant.

District Secretary, W.K.K. Atukorale, told Ceylon Today grama niladharis of the Matara District have been ordered to initiate a door-to-door campaign, to identify and destroy the narcotic plant.


The first step of the campaign is supposed to be concluded before 14 May.

District Secretary Atukorale also said some of the narcotic plants have been found in some parts of the Moneragala District as well.


The discovery of the cocaine plant was made by a research team led by a professor attached to the University of Peradeniya, last week. It was reported those plants were allegedly distributed among the locals by the Forest Department of the Southern Province some two years back, mistaking them for sandalwood but was later identified as coca plants, best known for its psychoactive narcotic, cocaine.(Ceylon Today)


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