Australia will not Boycott Sri lanka Commonwealth Summit-VIEDIO


Foreign Minister Bob Carr says he will not boycott the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) in Sri Lanka over allegations of human rights violations.

Former prime minister Malcolm Fraser called for Australia to skip the conference, which is scheduled to be held in November, following reports of the torture of Tamil civilians and government-sanctioned abuse of journalists, judges and opposition politicians.

“No, we shouldn’t [attend],” Mr Fraser said.

“We should have been arguing at the Commonwealth conference in Perth that Sri Lanka was an inappropriate place to have the conference.

“From all the reports that we’re getting, there is still continuing human rights violations in Sri Lanka.”

But Senator Carr says he has seen no evidence of abuse.

“Any suggestion of a boycott would be counter-productive. It would simply isolate the country and render it defiant of international opinion,” he told Lateline.

“Our challenge is to keep the pressure on to see there are further improvements, especially directed at reconciliation in the north.



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