Sri lankan Medical Student takes own life after Killing Girl Friend


A shocking story of a mentally disturbed medical student who poisoned his lover to death out of suspicion before killing himself with the same poison, has come to light in Sri Lanka, ‘Gossip Lanka’ has reported.

The deceased are Maheshika Priyangani Kularatna, 24-year-old student of Moratuwa University, and Amala Chaturanga, 25, a student of the Ragama Medical Faculty.

Maheshika, an IT student, and Chaturanga had come to know each other through Facebook and had been sending messages to each other. The girl’s parents did not that her friend was a mentally disturbed person who took medicines for his condition.

It has now been revealed that he had tried to kill his lover earlier too.

When Maheshika was admitted to the hospital, she had said she had taken a high dose of sleeping tablets for depression.

However, it is now suspected that the sleeping pills had been given to her by her lover.

Maheshika had sworn to her lover that she knew no one else as was suspected by Chaturanga but he was not satisfied.

On the fateful day, while the family was travelling to Kandy, the vehicle was stopped near a milk farm in Haragama. The lovers stayed in the van. When the parents returned to the vehicle, they saw Maheshika lying unconscious.

The medical student had then abruptly said, “She took sleeping pills suddenly.”

Maheshika was then admitted to hospital. Her parents suspect that she did not have sleeping tablets in her possession and that the tablets were given to her by the medical student.

Though she regained consciousness, she did not disclose anything about the incident. It was Chaturanga’s parents who had kept vigil over Maheshika at Peradeniya Hospital that night.

It is suspected that Chaturanga, who was in and out of the hospital seven or eight times during the few hours she was in the ward, had brought a packet of milk mixed with poison.

On April 20, he visited her at around 5pm and had left later. However, he returned at 8pm with a packet of milk. After he had left, the ward nurses observed her drinking the packet of milk.

Soon after drinking the milk, Maheshika began to shiver and her condition worsened. Though doctors rushed to her rescue, Mahshika passed away within a few hours.

Meanwhile, the medical student lover had gone to his house in Polgahawela and injected himself with the same poison he had mixed in the milk.

When his condition became critical, his mother, a doctor, admitted the son at  Kurunegala Hospital where he died. He had committed suicide after hearing about Maheshika’s death.

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