Alle Gunawansa Thera,Fires a legal shot Against Sri Lanka’s Northern Provincial Council




Venerable Alle Gunawansa Thera, a prominent Sinhala hardline Buddhist monk has said that he will file a fundamental rights case if the election for the Northeren Provincial Council (NPC) is held by the government.

The thera, who is the Chairman of an organization called National Movement to Safeguard the Nation, says that holding the election in the Province is not fair since the Sinhala nationals who were chased away from the Northern Province have not been resettled yet.

He claimed that 21,000 Sinhalese have been displaced from the Northern Province since 1977 due to the LTTE terrorist activities.

Addressing his party’s May Day rally, Minister of Construction, Engineering Services and Common Amenities Wimal Weerawansa also expressed views against holding the elections in the Northern Province.

Weerawansa, the leader of the National Freedom Front (NFF) said he is opposed to the elections for the North, as it would lead to the creation of a separate state by the Tamil National Alliance after winning the election.

International community views holding of the Northern Provincial Council election is a step towards in reconciliation and it is a demand put forward by the Tamil parties in Sri Lanka.(lakbima)


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