No Plan to Establish a US military Base in the Maldive-USA




Ambassador to Maldives and Sri Lanka Michelle J Sison on Monday insisted that there was s.

Following a leaked agreement proposed by the US recently, US Ambassador told Haveeru via twitter that the Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) is normal practice where US cooperates closely  with a country’s military.

Explaining the terms of the agreement, Sison said it sets legal framework for US personnel to support activities in a given country.  US has signed the agreement with over 100 countries, she added.

According to the Ambassador, discussions on entering the agreement with Maldives were currently underway.

However, “no plans for US base in Maldives,” Sison said.

Maldives Defence Minister Mohamed Nazim had also refuted rumors suggesting that the US had proposed to establish a military base in the Maldives.

“US has proposed joint military training exercises with our forces. The proposal is being discussed with the relevant authorities of the Maldives. The agreement will be signed on the advice of the Attorney General,” Nazim explained.

According to the Minister, the Maldives government is yet to decide on signing the SOFA proposed by the US.

“It is an agreement signed to carry out military training exercises with other countries. There is no proposal to establish a US military base in the Maldives. Government won’t give that opportunity to any country,” he added.

“US has signed such agreements with over 100 countries around the world. Such a cross service agreement was signed during former president Mohamed Nasheed’s government. So such a proposal is not new.”


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