Azath Sali Tiger connections Surface’s-State Media

itnad (25)

Several links maintained by Asath Salley, the former Deputy Mayor of Colombo with the tiger terrorists have surfaced.,said the government owned Independent Television Network.


Mean while  Azath Salley has been admitted again on Monday May 6th to the Colombo National Hospital after losing consciousness in Police custody

Salley was carried out on a stretcher by Policemen at the Police CID headquarters in Fort and rushed to hospital and wheeled in to ward forty – five where he was administered Saline and Insulin by doctors.


The ITN   further resorted that-

The CID apprehended Asath Salley on the 2nd of this month while he was hiding at the residence of his daughter on charges of creating communal clashes and encouraging terrorism.
Defence sources said that he was arrested under the Prevention of Terrorism Act and the Penal Code. He had maintained direct links with a group linked to tiger terrorists in India. He had recently visited Chennai in India and taken lodging at the Singapore Palace Hotel in Chennai.
Informed sources have confirmed that Kandiah Parameshwaram, the brother of EPRLF leader Suresh Premachandran had also joined Asath Salley in this visit. He had gone to India to participate in a conference of the Indian People’s Front. Intelligence has uncovered that it is an outfit maintaining direct links with the tiger terrorists. The People’s Front is also an organization which maintains direct links with the Tamil National Human Rights Collective and the tiger loyalist human rights organization.
In the year 2012, the Indian People’s Front had been running an armed terrorist training camp in the Narasbanpur area. 21 persons along with arms were arrested when the Kerala Police raided the camp. Indian Defence sources claim that the Kerala Police seized bombs and many weapons from the camp of the Indian People’s Front during April this year.
Investigations have revealed that Asath Salley had been maintaining direct links with this outfit which also imparts training to tiger terrorists. He had been continuously engaged in efforts to create a communal clashes mindset within the Muslim community. Making a statement to the Junior Vikatan website in Tamil Nadu recently, Asath Salley revealed about providing leadership to terrorism. He had said that similar to the Tamil terrorism against the country, the Muslims too will have to act against the Government through an armed struggle. This amounts to directly supporting and encouraging terrorism. Asath Salley was taken into custody under the Prevention of Terrorism Act as these details came to light during the investigations launched by the intelligence sleuths.
Asath Salley is also facing several charges related to financial scams. Comprehensive investigations are being carried out in this respect. Defence sources said that Asath Salley, who is in the custody of the CID under the Prevention of Terrorism Act, is being continuously grilled and vital information is being revealed.


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