Azath Salley Released what Next? – Have your Guess

sally azaathR (1)In an unexpected turn of events former deputy Mayor of Colombo Azath Salley  has been released by the intervention of the President himself.

Azath Salley  had said in a affidavit that he was misquoted in the controversial intervivew published in a  indian media.

It’s not clear how this happened and it may remain so for some time as the exact details of release may never been known.

Azath himself is a politician who has been on sides, the blues and the greens. He was municipal counsellor with the People’s Alliance and Deputy Mayor of the Colombo Municipal Council with the UNP.

Azath Salley’s lawyer said that they were looking for a win –win situation   and there was no compulsion to withdraw the fundamental rights case that was pending at the time of Azath’s release.

The leader of the opposition, Ranil Wickramasinha was quick the remark that the due to mounting pressure that the government had to release Azath and it was an indicator that the 2014 election victory was a possibility.

The human rights champions, national and international could also make a similar claim and highlighting the vigorous campaign carried out by them.

The Bodu Bala Sena hardliners may satisfy themselves that Azath has been silenced in the same way that many Muslims including the owner of Fashion Bug , the owner of Lucky  emporium Gampola and No Limit clothing have   been dealt with ie a compromise forced until the point of submission.

The conspiracy theorist may go one step further and conclude that Azath and Mahinda have both come out unscratched from a scene of political gamming with little or no cost. Azath has made his mark as a fire brand politician who has spoken up for his community and stragicaly handled a difficult government. Presidient Mahinda Rajapaksha has once again maintained the ‘no nonsense politician who has thought a difficult politician his lesson and cut him to size.

One or many of the above aerations may be correct or wrong but irrespective of what happened,

The Azath Salley   issue is not going to be the last incident of the anti Muslim trend that is emerging in waves.

What do you think would be the next wave in the anti Muslim campaign?


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