Ranil has a Shocking Chance


The leader of the opposition is facing a test of his leadership charter with the proposed electricity tariff hike.

While the JVP and the UNP are mustering support from   trade unions and peoples’ movements the success of these political moves are yet to be seen.

The UNP has called its protest as the People’s Regiment to change the government.

It is no secret that the leader of the opposition   and his team are eyeing the general of 2014.

Specifically for Ranil it’s a opportunity relive himself from the title of longest serving leader of opposition of Sri Lanka, a post he has held off too long.

In fact it may even be a gunnies world record if you leave out   Aaung –Sang-Suchi , the Burmese leader who has no other option.

Many have blamed Ranil for not being militant enough by not calling for a boycott of paying the higher rate electricity bills.

However this time the scenario is different, with or without Ranil’s call many may not be able to pay the increased electricity bills.

The new electricity bills are going to be shocking to many and Ranil will have a shocking chance.

Thus Ranil has a chance of leading a successful campaign that may well provide him with a chance of leading a successful campaign.

The capability to deal with the JVP who will be his alleys  in the campaign is another matter.


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