Bodu Bala Recommendations for Vesak




The Bodu Bala Sena Organization  has recomended that  wasting electricity, using material which is harmful for the animals and the environment and excessive burning of coconut oil are not acceptable under Buddhist policies


BBS secretary Ven.Galagoda aththe Gnanasara thero  said that  although in Vesak festival, primacy should be given to the Practicing of the Buddhism; they do not refuse the Worldly offerings made to the Lord Buddha. However, he urged that these worldly offerings should be made in line with the Buddhist norms.

Gnanasara thero said that arms giving, (Dansal) He claimed that the present Dansal culture has fallen in to a lower level of becoming a menace to the society. He said that Dansal should be given out of a person’s own wealth. Bur Gnanasara thero pointed out that in modern times, almost all of the Dansals are given with the contributions collected from others.

He said that these are indirect ways of black mailing as when a person is not contributing, he is insulted. Thus whatever comes out of the pocket is not given with a pure heart.

He accused that modern Dansals have become a commercial transaction.


He said that people should not visit places where they are charged to watch the Vesak decorations. And He urged that the import of Vesak Lanterns should be stopped immediately as the Adults should guide the young generation to make Vesak Lanterns by their own.

Gnanasara thero also stated that disgusting behavior like Mask dances and Ghost shows which has no relevance to the Vesak festival should be banned.
He said that Media should be censored in order to keep them away from using slogans and other effects which slanders the Buddhism.

Gnanasara thero emphasized that the BBS is keeping a sharp eye on these matters and would be watchful whether the law is properly applied.


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