Rolls- Royce and BMW ON the way to Sri Lanka




rollss (9)The External Affairs Ministry is making arrangements to import 12 Rolls- Royce cars and 100 BMW cars for the use of the heads of state who are scheduled to visit Sri Lanka to participate in the 23rd Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in November, sources said.

However it is not known whether these vehicles are to be re-exported after use.

No one knows who is importing these cars, although the External Affairs Ministry is involved in the matter.

The price of the  Ghost car varies between US$ 246,500 and US$ 290,000. (Rs.31,500,000 and Rs. 37,000,000). A Rolls- Royce Phantom Car costs between US$ 399,000 and US$ 470,000.(Rs.51,000,000 and Rs. 60,000,000).

A BMW 5 Series  car costs between US$  58,000 and US$ 70,000.( Rs.7,500,000 and Rs.  9,000,000). A BMW 7 Series costs between US$ 73,000 and US$ 140,000 (Rs.9,000,000 and Rs. 18,000,000).

It is usual to import Rolls Royce and BMW cars for such events.

The prices mentioned do not include customs duty and shipping costs.(Daily Mirror)


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